Monday, August 31, 2009


A customer asked me to make this cake for her grandson's first birthday.
She sent me a picture and I went to work.
Here are some instructions on how to make a Heffalump cake.


I used the Wilton 12x18 pan for the bottom layer, the Wilton soccer ball pan for his back and the Wilton 3D ball pan for his head. I made my own template for the trunk.

*note: I had to trim about 1" from the bottom of the soccer cake to make the head higher than the backside.

Another angle.

"Lumpy" filled with chocolate ganache and coconut. His legs and trunk glued on with frosting (it also keeps the ganache from squishing out. :)

Frosted in Hershey's cocoa frosting.
You need to frost a cake before covering it with fondant.

Covering "Lumpy" in MMF (MarshMallow Fondant)
When you cover a figure in fondant, ALWAYS work on the indentations first, then work on smoothing the rest of the fondant out.

I added the coloring to the melted marshmallows while making the fondant.

Working on details....

Ready for some finishing touches!

Adding some roping to the bottom for a finished look.

I cut the feet, eyes, and the ears out by hand, and glued them on with a tiny bit of water. However, lemon juice is better for fondant...dries quicker.

I also hand drew the lines with edible marker and
added the tail and hair. I used a clay gun(that I use only for fondant) to make the tail and hair.

The finished product!


This cake was fun to make! I was really excited about making it and the customer was very happy with it.
What a cute idea for a first birthday or a baby shower!

~ Stephanie ~


  1. A comment from the customer, with permission of course.:)

    Okay, let me just tell you about the "cake" That was the MOST delicious cake
    any of us ever had, seriously! I'm not just saying this. My husband is not
    even a chocolate fan and I can't count how many pieces he ate. It was sooo
    moist. People were going nuts over it. Comments were that usually when you
    have a creative cake (the outside) that the inside is just okay but nobody
    could get over how good it was. I don't think anyone had just one piece. My
    husband even drove over to my son's yesterday to get more. My soon to be
    daughter in-law had a hard time cutting it because of how awesome it looked,
    we were going back and forth on who would cut it, the guys were making fun
    of us! I just needed to let you know and I've already spread the word to
    quite a few people because they just had to know so hopefully you don't
    mind. Again, thank-you!

  2. Thank you so much for putting up such a wonderfully detailed cake description! My daughter has been asking for a Lumpy birthday cake for the last 9 months or so. I was thrilled to find your site because it made the cake planning SO much easier. I'm almost done making it & it looks fantastic so far!

    1. Awesome cake!!! Thanks for directions on how to make lumpy.